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Education for Health Africa Buddy Mentorship Support Programme

Dear students and colleagues

This communication serves to introduce the Education for Health Africa Buddy Mentorship Support Programme. This programme was initiated by Education for Health Africa to support younger and less experienced colleagues to become truly competent practitioners in the workplace. We have seen how our students grapple to convert theory learnt in the classroom on our various programmes into true capability in real life work. Learning in a classroom environment is relatively easy, but it is when a young person ventures out into a health facility to start working that the rubber hits the tarmac and true professional skill is built. As this is not an easy process the Education for Health Africa team has come forward to support our students further.

Should a student or newly qualified practitioner, at any level, require assistance in converting the knowledge gained in the classroom into real life practical competence the Education for Health Africa Buddy Mentorship Support Programme is available. Education for Health Africa put out a call to various health communities for persons willing to come alongside a younger colleague and mentor them to towards competence. The mentee is then the student or younger colleague and the mentor is the older, more experienced colleague.

Mentorship can then happen in a variety of ways:

  1. A mentor could open up a facility to allow a mentee in for observation of working with patients
  2. A mentor could allow a mentee to use their equipment for practicing as required for practicing testing on their staff or on patients under supervision.
  3. A mentor could give of their time to sit with a mentee explaining theoretical concepts or assisting with practical and equipment knowledge

If anyone is interested in becoming a mentee and being connected with a mentor please contact cc’d to myself .  We will then connect you with a mentor in your area. You will also receive a letter of introduction between yourself and the mentor with a few suggestions on good practice to ensure the relationship works well.

We look forward to the mentees of today becoming mentor’s tomorrow. All the best everyone!

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