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Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco in Tete

Empowering Excellence: Education for Health Africa’s Partnership with Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco

Our collaboration with ZLT marks the beginning of a significant endeavour that will involve planning and delivering spirometry, audiometry and vision screening training programs in both Harare and Tete. These programs will serve as a foundation for enhancing healthcare practices and knowledge among ZLT’s dedicated team members.
This partnership builds upon several previous training initiatives conducted in Zimbabwe over the years. It reflects ZLT’s commitment to continuous improvement and their belief in the transformative power of education and training. ZLT’s forward-thinking and conscientious approach to their work is truly commendable.
What sets ZLT apart is not only their high standards of conduct and care but also their unwavering support from a management team that firmly believes in investing in training and education. This belief aligns perfectly with Education for Health Africa’s core values, making this partnership a natural fit.
Education for Health Africa is honoured to join forces with ZLT, a company that not only values excellence but also prioritizes the well-being and professional growth of its employees. Together, we aim to create a learning environment that empowers individuals to excel in their roles and contribute to the betterment of healthcare practices.
As we take our first steps in this collaborative journey, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We look forward to working closely with ZLT to design and deliver training programs that meet their unique needs and support their vision for excellence in healthcare.
Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work hand in hand with ZLT to elevate healthcare education and make a meaningful impact in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and beyond.

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