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We have a new course on offer!

We have fantastic news! We now offer a Certificate of Competence, Clinical Skills for Occupational Medical Assistants. 

About this course:

This course is a 30-hour training course that is intended for Occupational Healthcare Assistants who require essential knowledge and skills to assist Medical Professionals in the Occupational Healthcare Setting in taking digital blood pressure, urine analysis, taking height, taking weight, facilitating a drug test, glucose screening and cholesterol screening.

This course will enable learners to provide high-quality support to Occupational Healthcare Professionals in worker screenings including preparation for, conducting, evaluating and recording Occupational Health related clinical procedures under the supervision of an Occupational Nurse or Dr and within an allowed Scope of Practice.

How learners are tested:

Both healthcare professionals and healthcare assistants will be trained in the same courses but will be assessed differently.

Medical Assistants will be assessed on how to prepare for, conduct, and evaluate a test result. Whereas a Health Care Professional will be tested on how to prepare for, conduct, evaluate, interpret and manage a test result.

Take your qualification one step further:

When a Medical Assistant has completed our three existing short courses, Occupational Screening Spriometry, Occupational Screening Audiometry and Occupational Vision Screening, they become qualified as either a Spirometry Assistant, Audiometry Assistant, or Vision Screening Assistant. Now learners can take their qualification one step further by completing our Clinical Skills for Medical Assistant training course and qualify as an Occupational Medical Assistant. 

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Why do the Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Assistants all take the same training if they will be tested on different content?

Because Healthcare assistants feel “left hanging” when they do not get to finish the course content i.e. hear about the final step of interpreting a result. Those that want to hear about interpretation and how to manage the result. Those that don’t, don’t have to. Everyone wins.

Are Healthcare Assistants allowed to take the full course assessment if they want to and become competent not only in conducting but conducting as well as interpreting the results?

Yes, they may. Being a healthcare assistant rather than Healthcare Professional does not preclude you from taking the more advanced assessment of interpretation and data management.

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