Stations de lavage oculaire d’urgence Copy

Emergency Eye Wash Stations

When an employee is exposed to or can be exposed to a potential hazard that can injure the eye such as a biological or chemical substance the employee is required to make sure that there is an eyewash fountain or similar facility in the workplace, this is according to The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) together with General Safety Regulations –Gnr.1031 of 30 May 1986 regulation 3.8. According to the Driven Machinery Regulations and Occupational Safety Act – Section 3 where an employee is exposed or can be exposed to a potential hazard of injury to the eye through contact with a biological or chemical substance, the employer must make sure that there is an eyewash fountain; in the immediate vicinity of the workplace and that the employee is trained to use it.

Recommendations for the installation of an emergency eyewash station are:

Be located as close to the hazard as possible
Not be separated by a partition from the hazardous work area
Be on an unobstructed path between the workstation and the hazard (workers should not have to pass through doorways or weave through machinery or other obstacles to reach them)
Be located where workers can easily see them – preferably in a normal traffic pattern
Be on the same floor as the hazard (no stairs to travel between the workstation and the emergency equipment)
Be located near an emergency exit where possible so that any responding emergency response personnel can reach the person easily
Be located in an area where further contamination will not occur
Provide a drainage system for the excess water (remember that the water may be considered a hazardous waste and special regulations may apply)
Not come into contact with any electrical equipment that may become a hazard when wet
Be protected from freezing when installing emergency equipment outdoors