Les principales occupations qui peuvent endommager la vision. Copy

Top occupations that can damage vision.

Is your job affecting your vision? Sarah Smith6 in 2016 listed the top 15 job categories which are more prone to developing eye problems.

Welder / Boilermaker / Fabricator / grinder operators
Statisticians / computer administrators / data analysts and capturers
Health care workers / lab technicians / dentists
Drivers / Crop workers
Construction workers
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All the below pictures depict they workers at greater risk due to eye hazards9-14.

It is important to remember that the vision assessment and eye examination that is covered in this course is a screening test. Should an abnormality be detected, the worker must be referred to the Occupational Health Nurse (OHNP), who will confirm and refer abnormalities to the Occupational Medicine Practitioner (OMP). The OHNP and/or OMP will refer to an optometrist or ophthalmologist (specialist) for further testing, assessment, and management.