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Our vision plays an essential role in interpreting images or cues about people, the working environment and safety. Even a small amount of vision loss can have a profound, negative effect on how the environment is understood, images or messages are received, and these affect self-image, confidence and workplace safety and social integration. Millions of workers worldwide are exposed to visual risks at work that increase their risk of visual impairment1. Many eye injuries are 100% preventable therefore it is imperative that vision and ocular protection measures are implemented, and vision is monitored and managed in the workplace2. Good intervention plans will include close monitoring, follow-ups, and management of workers at greater risk of eye injuries and loss of vision in the workplace. As technicians and OHNP’s our role is to support employers and employees by contributing to the management of ocular health and this is done through medical surveillance, health education and constant follow-up and monitoring of high-risk workers.