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Legislation is very specific about the training of workers by the employer regarding hazards in the workplace which include eye and visual hazards. The employer should ensure that an employee is adequately trained on the effects of hazards and the protection of the eyes and vision before starting to work in visual hazard areas. The training should include the use and care of PPE. Refresher training should be done at regular intervals and records of all training should be kept. An employer, after consultation with the health and safety committee, establishes what hazards employees will be exposed to, how to prevent and control exposure and then train all employees who may be exposed to the hazards.

The training must incorporate the following:

The content and scope of the applicable regulations
The potential sources of exposure
The potential risks to health and safety caused by exposure
The measures taken by the employer to protect an employee against the detrimental effects of exposure
The precautions to be taken by the employees to protect themselves against the health risks associated with the exposure, including the wearing and use of PPE
The necessity, correct use, maintenance and limitations of PPE, facilities and engineering control measures provided