Dispositifs de protection individuelle (EPI) Copy

Personal Protective Devices (PPE)

Thousands of eye injuries occur in the workplace each year, therefore the need for personal eye protection exists. To protect eyes against harmful or dangerous factors, eye-protective equipment is divided into four basic categories27:

Protective goggles
Face shields
Welder’s face shields (this category of eye protection includes hand screens, face screens, goggles, and hoods).

The eye protective equipment in these four basic categories are equipped with vision systems, oculars, meshes or filters. Filters include welding filters, ultraviolet filters, infrared filters, sun glare filters, and filters protecting against laser radiation.

The eye protective equipment can also be part of the respiratory protective devices (vision systems in masks) or head protection equipment (face shields mounted in industrial protective helmets). The eye protective equipment in all of these categories are composed of:

A transparent part (vision systems, oculars, meshes or filters) and a
Frame (spectacles and goggles) or
A housing with a harness (shields).

All types of eye protectors must meet the essential safety and health requirements described in the SANS guidelines.

When selecting eye and face protection the following considerations are important:

Protector selection and fitting
Welding helmets, hand shields and face shields
Spectacles – metal, plastic, and combination
Eye cups – for chippers, welders, and cutters, to protect against dust and splashes
Attachments and auxiliary equipment such as lift fronts, chin rests, snoods, aprons, magnifiers, and permanent side shields on eyewear.

The risk assessment and person task observations should play a leading role in the selection of PPE. The risk assessment should also consider employees wearing prescription eyewear and contact lenses.

Other factors to consider in the selection of eyewear include:

Level of protection required
Ease of repair
Resemblance with more attractive, regular eyewear
Weight of the eyewear
Compatibility with prescription eyewear
Sweatbands to help prevent eye irritation and aid visibility
Fog accumulation