Dépistage automatisé de la vision Copy

Automated Vision Screening

Automated vision screeners combine a standard range of tests into one machine. Each type of machine uses different plates known as optotypes to test each specific function of the eye. One plate can be seen at a time and the plates rotate when the advance button is pressed on the keyboard or the computer. The plates are arranged to test each eye separately and together without the client changing position, and the technician can override some of the tests. The technician can set the distance for far or near testing, and light intensity for daylight or low light (night vision) testing. The technician follows the instructions provided in the manual for the specific machine being used and record the findings on the correct sheet for the specific type of machine used. Because there is a wide range of automated vision screeners by make and model used in occupational health the use of the machines will be demonstrated at clinic level based on the equipment used, this is part of the orientation required. Videos 8.10 and 8.11 are detailed instruction videos for the Titmus and Keystone visions screeners respectively.

Video 8.10: Titmus Vision Screener10

Video 8.11: Keystone Vision Screener11