Calendriers de formation et listes de prix Copy

Training calendars and price-lists

Face to face: Training courses are scheduled to take place once every 4 months in each province.
Blended learning: Theoretical components of training are taken on our eLearning platform with a one-day face to face training covering practical demonstration and practice. These practical days are offered once every second month in each province.
Online learning: The course is taken digitally online with a live facilitator. The training includes video practical demonstrations and assessments.
eLearning: The entire course is taken via eLearning with practical components learnt through video demonstrations and practical assessments undertaken via a digital connection.

Our pre-scheduled annual South African training calendar, price list and flyers can be found at

Training opportunities are offered for individuals who would like to become future Vision, Vision or vision screening trainers and champions in host countries.

“If you want to walk fast walk alone,
if you want to walk far, walk together!” (African Proverb)

Thank you for your support as together we strengthen occupational health training and education.

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