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Stellenbosch University Umoya Study

Empowering Teams: Education for Health Africa Joins Forces with The Pan African Thoracic Society and Stellenbosch University for Umoya Project

At Education for Health Africa, our commitment to healthcare education knows no bounds. We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with organizations and institutions that share our passion for knowledge and empowerment. Recently, we had the privilege of joining forces with Stellenbosch University for their exciting new project, Umoya.

Umoya, which means “wind” in Zulu, is a project aimed at creating positive change in the field of healthcare. Three dedicated individuals from Stellenbosch University and three equally passionate professionals from Mozambique came together to form a dynamic team. Their mission? To bring about innovation and transformation in healthcare.

Education for Health Africa played a pivotal role in this journey by providing comprehensive spirometry training to the Umoya team. Our training sessions covered a wide range of healthcare topics, equipping the team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their project.
But our involvement didn’t stop at training alone. We are proud to support the project’s startup phase as well. This means being there every step of the way as Umoya takes its first steps toward making a lasting impact in the healthcare landscape.
The synergy between Stellenbosch University and Education for Health Africa and the Pan African Thoracic Society exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Together, we are working towards a common goal: to improve healthcare practices, enhance patient outcomes, and elevate the healthcare experience for all.
As we embark on this exciting journey with the Umoya project, we are filled with optimism and enthusiasm. The dedication and determination of the Umoya team, combined with the support of Education for Health Africa, the Pan African Thoracic Society and Stellenbosch University, make for a winning combination.

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