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Occupational Spirometry Screening Short Course – March 2024

Spirometry Training Mozambique
Certificate of Competence Short Course
12 – 28 March 2024

Greetings to all our EFHA learners!

I really admire this group of 8 dedicated learners: 4 from Zimbabwe and 4 from Mozambique. They have taken three courses back-to-back which is far from easy! Together, we are making amazing progress and pushing boundaries to meet expectations and attain success. In January, we started our first course being audiometry; in February we facilitated Vision Screening and in March we completed Spirometry. All theory was facilitated online in shortish 2.5-hour sessions and this learning was then augmented with students practicing the various competencies practically in between in their own workplaces.

Next week, two of our fantastic Education for Health Africa facilitators will travel to the two sites with Lindie Jansen van Rensburg going to Harare and Wendy van Wyk going to Tete to spend a week with the Leaf Tobacco teams honing the practical skills with the learners and giving all the tips and tricks needed to attain excellence in their practical abilities.

Well done everybody! Let us continue to make a positive impact and safeguard the well-being of employees.

Lindsay Zurba

Report written by

Lindsay Zurba
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