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Good evening team

Indeed 2020 has been amazing in terms of technology and innovation. Having been taken out of my traditional way of learning due to unforeseen worldly unfortunate circumstances, I can now contribute to online learning. I would prefer it today than a normal face to face classroom teaching as I am moving on with the 21st century educational empowerment.


Thank you team and enjoy the festive season.

Thank you for the Christmas wishes and the same to you & your wonderful team.

Thank you for always being there for us in OH and for evolving the business as fast as do the times .

Many blessings to you and the family,

Warm wishes,

Seasons greetings to all.

It’s been such a great pleasure being your student ,thx so much.

Good day Leagh

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the course. Your knowledge of audiometry and the manner in which you presented the material, made it so much easier to understand. Thank you once again, it was a pleasure meeting you.

L Lewack


Thank you for extending the workshop to other regions

Thank you. Have’nt done spirometry testing in almost 10 years, but the workshop very helpful

Well done to Education for Health Africa it was the best workshop. Thank you to SASOHN GC for opening this platform. We had good IT in service training.

As always Lindsay did a wonderful informative presentation

The COVID-19 E-Training was my first time doing E-Training. I was (excited) nervous, but with the support I got from you guys, I enjoyed it very much. Working self-paced suited me very well and also made me less nervous. It was not difficult to follow, but the hard copy helped a lot being my first time doing E-Training (and I am sure it will go much better the second time around). I gained a lot of knowledge which I applied in my job as a COVID-19 Officer on a farm. I also understand COVID-19 much better know.

Thanks again for your help and support. It really put me at ease and more comfortable doing the assessments and to submit.

14 July 2020

Lindsay and team, I have to take my hat off for you guys. With someone like myself who is illiterate in online matters, your skills, understanding and patience are great. To the teacher, Lindsay, you have what it takes to accommodate everyone’s academic understanding. To Brannon, thanks young man for your untiring support, keen and available attitude. To Petro and Wilna, your communication and follow up is all appreciated. Thank you team EFHA.

“Lindie Rensburg is an excellent facilitator because she knows how make the course understable to learner. Lindie uses different teaching methods to explain the study material. Course was less stressful, and the environment was friendly”.

Lindie Rensburg is a good and well-mannered facilitator. She made the audio course to be more informative and doable. After this course I am ready to be a better technician.

“Lindsay is a great fantastic training facilitator. She came well prepared for our training. She was involving everyone during the training. Keep up the good work”.

‘’Lindsay did a great fantastic training. We enjoyed and understood the course. Keep up the good work”.

“We appreciated the counselling sessions Lindsay did before the exams, it reduced anxiety in us. This was a great course, Lindsay explained well the terminologies and concepts. Great learning experience. This was good course. Keep up the good work”.

“K Meyer presented well presented the course to us. We enjoyed and understood it.”

“We learnt new and great things during our course. Our facilitator Lindsay has a good sense of humour. She was very helpful during the course. She made sure we all understood our study material. Great job done, keep it up”.

“We were all happy with the course content. All was well prepared, and we understood our facilitator so well. Lindsay, keep up the good work with all your facilitators. You did an excellent job”.

“Lindsay did a great and fantastic training during our course. We had a friendly environment. She was very interactive with all the students. Her course was well arranged, and we enjoyed it”

“Anthea is a marvellous professional facilitator. We enjoyed and understood our course”

“Lindsay is a well-mannered facilitator with a good sense of humour. She was well prepared for our course. Our study material was well organised, our venue was great, and we had good food. Above everything she managed to get all of us understand the terminology used in the course.”

“Our course was well planned for; our venue was a great place. The food was great. The study material was well prepared. The facilitator topped it all, Lindie is was a great facilitator who made sure every student understood concepts before proceeding to the next one”

“The course was great; we learnt a lot of new things. Our knowledge increased and we were groomed to be better technicians in the industry. Lindsay is a lovely facilitator; she made the environment to be friendly with her good personality”.

“The course was great, very informative. It was well prepared and structured for our needs. The facilitator K Meyer did a good job, she has great facilitation skills”.

“EFHA staff are awesome. They did a wonderful job for us during this course. We learnt so much, very informative short course. It is a rare course so full of both theory and practical approach. It prepared us for the working environment”.

Good morning Karin, Thank you so much I got my results. I would really like to thank you for all your hard work, dedication to your work and your patience you have for all of us (students). And your detailed strict marking..which with no doubt will make us competent. Thank you.

Hi Karin. I should really thank you and Lindie for such a great job, caring and patience you name it. Please keep up with your excellent work, many people wanting to do the course because of the need in South Africa. I know where to refer them. You have motivated me to do the Occupational Health.

Lindsay Zurba has conducted effective, energising and motivating training across Africa for two decades.  As a direct result of this training, I have seen multiple authors publish the first spirometric data from their counties and motivate the prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease in those regions.

Lindsay has successfully delivered seven short courses in foundational spirometry competence, and as many workshops in spirometry quality assurance as part of our MRC funded ‘Lung health in Africa across the Lifecourse’ programme supported by IMPALA. The course and accompanying workshop are designed to upskill African researchers and establish clear spirometry quality assurance processes and guidelines within their institutions. All of Lindsay’s training has been well received by participants and her boundless energy and expertise are an asset to the programme.

It has been a great pleasure working with Lindsay for the past 3 years, in Malawi. I would highly recommend her and her team for the high quality of their spirometry teaching, the commitment they show to their work and students, and the sense of fun they bring to their training sessions.

I have known Lindsay Zurba for over 7 years, and in that time I have been thoroughly impressed with her passion, organisation, determination and execution of delivering world class spirometry training courses in several countries across Africa.  Her work with the European Respiratory Society Spirometry Group has contributed much to set an international standard in spirometry training so that people across the globe with undiagnosed lung disease can be accurately identified, and started on appropriate treatment. Not only does Lindsay have peerless expertise in teaching and performing quality assured diagnostic spirometry, she has an unrivalled network of spirometry trainers, experts and practitioners across much of Africa to deliver the training.

Lindsay Zurba is a dedicated master trainer of spirometry of international repute. She brings her uncommon and astute expertise to unravel the seemingly difficult conduct and interpretation of spirometry and its readings. Friends of the University College Hospital trainees are asking for more! Above all, she is kind and loving, two characteristics that engender trust and confidence in her trainees.

Lindsay’s commitment to improving lung health in Africa by supporting the development of skilled spirometry technicians and increasing the availability of spirometry equipment is second to none. I am privileged to have become great friends with Lindsay over the spirometer in Africa. I am one of many people working in the field of lung health and tuberculosis in Africa who hold Lindsay in high esteem and rate the work she and her colleagues do extremely highly.

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