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South Africa

Wendy obtained her BA (HMS) and BSportsSc Hons in Biokinetics at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town. In 2008 Wendy left her private practice to work in London as a cardiac technician and physiotherapy assistant in both private and NHS hospitals. On her return to South Africa in 2010 she continued private practice, but also started consulting in the occupational medical industry.

Wendy’s natural teaching ability and affinity with people got her head hunted in 2012 as a spirometry, audiometry and vision screening facilitator. She has earned her excellent reputation as an expert facilitator with doctors, nurses and technicians in over 15 countries in Africa. If you like being entertained and breaking out into song, attend one of Wendy’s courses.

Wendy’s knowledge in her field and love for helping people and improving their lives through health makes her an inspiration to work with.

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