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My Name is Riechedean.

I was born and raised in Namibia until age 11 when we moved to Alberta, Canada where I completed secondary school. Upon completion of high school, we then moved back to Windhoek Namibia.

I was interested in the medical profession from a very young age. I always thought I would become a doctor. Instead I ended up studying as a paramedic, but along this journey discovered this work is not for me. I then entered the Occupational Health sector as a medical technician. Of all the different tests conducted on a daily basis, my favourite is spirometry. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and loved ensuring the very best results on every test conducted.

I am currently working in a dental practice in the mornings and am enjoying the rest of the day assessing audiometry, vision and spirometry portfolios for Education for Health Africa and providing mentorship and support to Education for Health Africa spirometry, audiometry and vision screening students.

I am a mother of two fantastic children and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I LOVE rugby which makes me a HUGE All Blacks supporter.

My motto in life is

“Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement”

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