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South Africa

Kathy is a professional nurse (educator/academic/nurse clinician/author). She has worked in colleges and universities for many, many years. She lectured in Community Health, at the University of South Africa for 10 years. In the 1990’s she trained Health Service Managers, for the new government and was instrumental in developing the first Schools of Public Health in SA. She was the CEO of the Thusano School of Public Health developing and facilitating courses in PHC, district health and health service management for the implementation of the new SA National Health Plan in the 1990s.

During the last 15 years she has followed her love for working with people and for developing the capacity of human resources for health across South Africa and in a number of African countries. She has worked on projects with NGO’s, governments, tertiary institutions, community development organisations and international donor institutions. .

Kathy is passionate about Comprehensive Primary Health Care and is the co-author of Primary Health Care in Southern Africa. She has a great love for teaching and enjoys developing training material appropriate to the needs of the students and the environments in which they work.

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