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Respirator Fit Testing course

R 1,450.00 (excl VAT)

Testing the fit of employees’ respirators may be the most safety-sensitive and critical task performed by occupational health professionals. Besides performing the “mechanics” of fit-testing correctly, fit-testers must also understand the logic and theory behind the testing. This course presents theory and hands-on practice with widely used quantitative (QNFT) and qualitative (QLFT) fit-testing methods in a one-day workshop.

Course topics:
  • Physiology of respiration
  • Nature and characteristics of common hazardous atmospheres
  • Respirator fit-testing: when it’s needed and when it’s not
  • Qualitative (QLFT) vs. Quantitative (QNFT) fit-testing
  • Preparation for fit-testing
  • Demonstration and participant hands-on practice
  • Recordkeeping
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