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R 495 (excl VAT) | 2020

eLearning: Introduction to Healthcare - Infection Control

This self-paced two-part eLearning course introduces the fundamentals of infection. The course provides a general introduction to Microbiology in Part 1 and Asepsis in Part 2. Instruction delivery is through powerpoint slides and video.

Completion of this course will enable the learner to:
  • Identify the goals of infection control.
  • Understand the history of microbiology.
  • Differentiate between bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsia and protozoa.
  • Classify bacteria according to their shape – cocci, rods and spirals.
  • Understand basic methods to identify bacteria in the laboratory.
  • Define asepsis and types of asepsis.
  • Understand the chain of infection and how to break the chain.
  • Understand the standard precautions for healthcare professionals.
  • Compare disinfectant, antiseptic and sterilization.
  • Identify the disease risks to healthcare professionals.

1 CPD point for attendance. 3 CPD points if assessment is completed with 70% pass rate

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