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R 695 (excl VAT) | 2020

eLearning: A Toolkit for Understanding COVID-19

This self-paced, six module eLearning course provides the community with the pre-requisite knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 and scientifically-based guidance of preventative measures to reduce the risk of transmission. A certificate will be issued subject to successful completion of an assessment.

Completion of this course will enable the learner to:
  • Understand the taxonomy of viruses.
  • Identify viruses associated with respiratory infections.
  • Describe the classification of coronaviruses.
  • Explain the transmission routes of coronavirus.
  • Describe the signs and symptoms of coronavirus infections.
  • Describe risk factors associated with COVID-19 outcome.
  • Identify preventative measures and personal precautions against infection.
  • Apply special preventative measures to Healthcare settings.
  • Apply coping strategies to manage stress during COVID-19.

1 CPD point for attendance. 3 CPD points if assessment is completed with 70% pass rate

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