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Certificate of Competence in Occupational Vision Screening Short Course

Hybrid Online
8 April – 17 April 2024

Greetings EFHA learners!

Congratulations to the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) group in Zimbabwe for successfully completing the Vision Screening course on April 17, 2023. Over the duration of their 3-month learning journey, which began on 15 January 2024, these 10 learners, each with diverse professional backgrounds, undertook the Education for Health Africa Occupational Vision Screening training programme.

These learners share a common goal: to enhance and modernise their services in line with their vision of safeguarding individuals from potentially harmful situations and conditions. Despite their demanding schedules, their dedication and hard work were evident throughout the sessions as they delved into the principles and techniques of vision screening in occupational environments.

Huge congratulations to the NSSA learners for their commitment and dedication to their learning and for graciously sharing insights about their country. I have full confidence in their ability to continue learning and to champion visual health by effectively applying the principles and techniques of vision screening in their professional endeavours.

Warm regards,

Sugendrie Bisetty
OHP, Facilitator & Assessor
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