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Audiometry Screening Short Course Online Practical Practice Day

21 February 2024

Hello to all EFHA learners!

The day began with a virtual gathering, where faces from different continents could greet each other with smiles and eagerness. We were then able to guide participants through a series of interactive sessions. Through virtual simulations and real-time demonstrations, complex concepts were brought to life, paving the way for a deeper understanding of audiometry.

Participants could immerse themselves in practical exercises, utilizing virtual tools to conduct tests and analyze results. With guidance from our very experienced facilitator, Angie, they navigated through challenging cases, honing their skills and building confidence along the way.

As the day drew to a close, participants reflected on the journey they had undertaken. Despite being miles apart, they have formed a bond forged by a shared pursuit of knowledge.

By identifying the NIHL (Senzo); Sensory Loss (Juanita); Conductive Loss (Fillip) and Mixed Hearing Loss (Angie) with hand movements… which looks more like we were practicing the YMCA song Angie endevoured to convey a summary of the main potential hearing losses that can be detected during occupational screening audiometry

Though the setting may be virtual, the impact is very real. The online practical day for audiometry is not just a learning experience; it is a testament to the power of technology to connect, inspire, and transform lives.

Angie Butkovic
OHP, Facilitator & Assessor
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