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Audiometry Certificate of Competency

Hybrid Online
20-23 February 2023

The Audiometry Hybrid Online Course facilitated by Lindie Jansen van Rensburg from February 20th to 23rd, 2023, successfully delivered a comprehensive learning experience in the field of audiometry. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of audiometric principles, hands-on proficiency in conducting assessments, and the ability to interpret audiograms accurately. The course’s hybrid approach ensured flexibility without compromising the quality of learning, making it a valuable investment for both newcomers and professionals in the audiology field.

Participants praised the course for its holistic approach to learning, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. They found Lindie Jansen van Rensburg’s guidance instrumental in clarifying complex topics and appreciated the opportunity to apply their learning in simulated audiometric assessments.

Lindie Audio
Lindie Jansen van Rensburg

Occupational Health Training Facilitator

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