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Education for Health Africa was established in 2018 with the primary focus of offering high quality Occupational Health related short courses.

Our training materials are newly created, clean and simple. We base our academic content on the latest international guidelines and design our courses to make competency achievable for as many participants as possible.

The Education for Health Africa team endeavour to deliver a personal, professional and authentic training experience that enables every learner to be the very best they can be through sound teaching and mentorship.

The courses have been developed for Africans with a particular focus on our unique African settings and challenges.

Education for Health Africa Courses

Education for Health Africa offers the following Occupational Health Courses:

Competency Training

These courses are for healthcare professionals and their assistants:

  • Occupational Screening Spirometry Certificate of Competence Short Course
  • Occupational Screening Audiometry Certificate of Competence Short Course
  • Occupational Vision Screening Certificate of Competence Short Course
  • Introduction to Occupational Health Certificate of Competence Short Course
  • History Taking and Physical Examination Certificate of Competence Short Course (Doctors and Nurses only)
  • Baseline Health Risk Assessment Certificate of Competence Short Course
  • Absenteeism in the Workplace
Refresher Training

Recommended every 3 years:

  • Occupational Screening Spirometry Refresher Training
  • Occupational Screening Audiometry Refresher Training
  • Occupational Vision Screening Refresher Training
  • Family Planning Refresher Training
Education for Health Africa Training Methods

Teaching methods are blended. Theory is available on the Education for Health Africa eLearning platform as well as via pre-scheduled live online interactive sessions. Practical sessions are offered in person in centres throughout the continent.

Courses Structure

All our courses are facilitated as follows:

  • Pre-reading and pre-learning (via our eLearning platform)
  • Theory presentations including theoretical exercises (live interactive facilitator led online)
  • End of chapter questions (on our eLearning platform)
  • Theory assessment (multiple choice online on our eLearning platform)
  • Practical assessment (live online or in person)
  • Workplace portfolios of evidence (collected individually in the workplace and uploaded to our eLearning platform for assessment)
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